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Archives for April 2005

wifi continues to rock

posting from the downtown Seattle library on a vacation day that has been pretty good, so far.

quick thought

I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years.

your brain is a tool

bike, bike, bike; exercise makes me a better person. the author is still considering her page design as well as thanking the studio audience and considering an odd conversation.

mood meter

navel-gazing, but it’s useful to me, because I think with my fingers. also, good knee news, and an encouraging thought from a nerd icon by way of an old friend.


the usual mood update, plus some notes to myself about things to do, ways to think.

touch and go

up and down, and not yet theoretizing why.

looking for words

I don’t feel like summarizing, but I don’t like the way the default excerpt cuts off. in short: I am depressed; I am trying to get better; and it’s a little scary writing about it.

better day than most

in which the author rejoices in improved mood and productivity. she also considers the sources of good mood, which seem to include writing, coding, and correctly timed snacks.


I was doing really well, too…or at least, I gave the appearance of it. I’d regained enough equanimity to talk like a professional…and now I’m despondent enough to not really want to do anything. but I managed to do a difficult thing today, even though I REALLY didn’t want to, and admitted that I might […]