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Archives for April 2005

too late

I oughtn’t be awake, and yet I am, for a very silly reason. So the author, in her role as insomniac laundress, rambles and then falls silent.

success and failure

a few paired data points from the weekend, in re: home improvement, cycling, and emotion. with this new site design, I really should be writing longer excerpts/summaries, but there isn’t enough to this entry to summarize.

spaminator tip

a self-referential post to my future self.

note to self

picking colors, tilting at windmills: the author decides to do something, even if it’s not the right thing.


something weird just happened when I tried responding to Dorothea’s comment. I may or may not fix it tonight; might wait a day or two, depending on time & all that.

mental health day

the author regains a bit of equanimity through mental health care and bicycling. also in consideration: the fine line between public and private.

just saying

I’m taking some big steps in my life that may look like baby steps. I’m still trying to decide whether and how much to write. But I have to say that writing, in general, has been a saving grace in my life, and this space here, with the people I’ve gotten know or reconnect with, […]


oh unhappy day.

depressing thoughts

don’t know if/how I can be normal today. want to curl up & sleep, or shriek and bang my head against a wall. *** but I guess I’m managing. work and coffee do miraculous things, as does a return call from Group Health. *** a history 1978-ish – mom’s journal of my preschool days mentions […]