wifi continues to rock

I’m posting from the downtown seattle library, sitting in the big open area on the 3rd floor. the light in here really is just about right for using the laptop, and the low chairs are just about the right height too.

I have the day off, which I used the first part to take deconstruction trash to the dump with C, and this 2nd part to get to Seattle for the 2nd higher ed web people dinner. (Which Dylan was gracious enough to make reservations for.) I might stay over with Kat, if she’ll have me, or I’ll be heading home on a late bus.

today was the first day when I felt like the meds “kicked in,” meaning that I had a conversation that was stressful, but I didn’t feel like flinging myself into the pit of despair, which seems like a good sign.

I looked up and just noticed that there’s some sort of abstract art thing being played on one of the gigantic white walls of the central well of the building. unfortunately, at this angle it mostly just reminds me of the plumbing screensaver for windows. 🙂

this is a huge open space, and yet it feel surprisingly comfortable. I’m just wondering if there’s a plug at hand if my power level dips too low before I take off for the U-district. (ah, I see a powerstrip on a table not too far off, which I may head for if I stay a while.)