the fullness of spring

It’s a muggy Sunday afternoon in that part of the spring when everything is in the process of exploding. we spent a couple of hours outside weeding & transplanting; I clipped enough oregano to feed a Greek army.

What amazes me, this spring, is all the plants that have reseeded or expanded: a throwaway patch where last year I just dumped wildflower seed is now a lush mini-meadow, the violas in the southeast corner are spreading and blooming, turning their little purple faces to the sun, the honeysuckle is sending up runners that desperately want something to climb on.

Not so many vegetables this year, mostly because I just wasn’t together enough to plan for them. I have a little planter box of mixed lettuce, a tub with (I think) arugula, radishes and carrots, two tomatoes, three zucchini (not from seed this year), and an absurd quantity of peas. (Again, seeds from last year’s plants.) Which when you list it out like that, is pretty good, considering. I think there may still be time to plant corn, but I’m not sure.

I had a great time on Friday night having dinner with a few higher ed web folks and then staying over at Kat’s. I love her apartment; it always feels so tidy and artistic. I loved walking around the city, too; using the wifi in the library, wandering along the Ave. before dinner.

But then I’m home, and inbetween the lawnmower and the motorcycle there’s the sound of birds in the big trees, and I can look out to the street across my lush if untidy garden or back to the cats prowling through the dandelions out back….

A satisfied sigh, then.