was mostly draggy again today; I think I’m permanently sleep-deprived. had some caffeine in the afternoon, and it just made me feel weird & kinda woozy. plus I’m definitely getting a bit of nausea with my little green pills, not very bad, and I think having breakfast (!) would help, but sort of annoying.

on the other hand, I started working on two work projects I’ve been dreading, even though they’ve turned out to be just as yucky as I’d anticipated (word! into html! with a form!), and I’m gradually getting done a couple of personal/home things that needed some attention.

as I think I said yesterday, part of the trick is to just not think too hard about all the trillions of things that I ought to have done, or could have been doing, or will need to do eventually, but to just tackle this thing that is right in front of my face, until it is done and I can see the next thing. which drives C, in particular, a little nuts, but that’s just life.

things that seem particularly important to stay on top of (non-work-edition):
* money
* various house craziness, esp. water heater, floor, process stuff
* journal writing (here and on paper)
* side work for the neighborhood association
* cats (general well-being)
* clean clothing
* food
* sleep
* stretching & cycling

on which topic, the weather is looking particularly lovely this week, so I’m hoping to get some rides in. we’ll see….

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  1. I suppose I just broke health into some constituent components: the bits I’m most concerned about. (And I’m sorry your comment was in purgatory for so long…don’t know why I didn’t get my usual notification email!)

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