your brain is a tool

I’m really feeling the lack of a long bike ride today. Yesterday I took two longish rides, and Sunday I rode for 2 1/2 hours: 13 miles on the Western-Chehalis trail, plus the ride to get out there. (I wimped out when I hit surface streets coming back, and took the bus home.)

As it is, the afternoon blahs seem to hit more severely when I haven’t had my exercise. But I’m being particularly consious of my mental states, and trying to use the tools that my new therapist has given me.

In a perfect world, I’d have enough time in my day-to-day that I could go for a ride once or twice a day, every day. In this world, I’m still thinking about renting a bike locker at the transit center nearest my vanpool meeting point, now that the weather is more mellow.

The bike shop called yesterday; they got in a rack that fits my townie, and I went to take a look, but decided not to get that one. I’m going to hold out for silver, which should be in sometime next month. The black just didn’t strike the right note, and I can certainly hold out for a few weeks longer, since I’ve already owned the bike nearly a year without one.

I’m still hoping to get my new design done for reboot, but I’m not really holding my breath, not right now.

I’ve really appreciated all the good thoughts everybody has left here, or sent by email. (Elizabeth, thanks for emailing C. That was really sweet.) In moments of greater clarity, that keeps me thinking that I’m not a total social recluse/freak. Just shy, I guess.

Also, I had a strange/interesting conversation with an uncle I haven’t seen in many years, which I’m mulling over writing about…thinking aloud vs. not being too public and all that.