a mixed Saturday

Rain, so we didn’t go to either the dump or the procession of the species. On the other hand, there were breaks enough that we bundled up some deconstruction trash and I clipped the last of the dead daffodils. Ah, the passing of spring.

I also made myself do a little work on cleaning up the home office by setting a timer so I “only” needed to spend 20 minutes. Mostly just threw away old reciepts, manuals for things we don’t, etc.

I’ve been fighting sleepiness all week, and I really don’t know if that’s my chronic low-level sleep deprivation or the meds. (Off and on queasiness, on the other hand, I blame entirely on the meds…especially with generic Aleve thrown in the mix.)

Most happily for me, I even got a little work done for my big redesign, playing around with templates and such while C was playing GTA. (I really enjoy San Andreas, as a spectator.)

3 Replies to “a mixed Saturday”

  1. Looks good. Have you discovered a Firefox extension called Aardvark yet? I just started using it last night, and it looks fairly useful for debugging problems with web designs.

  2. Video games as spectator sport! I don’t follow any of those convoluted “gamer television” networks, but I imagine the idea of gamer competition (if actually implemented on modern multiplayer) might fare better nowadays than the old Starcade(!) did.

  3. C would like to do a local public access show with that sort of thing…I think it would be darn entertaining.

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