better day than most

I’m a little surprised, although I think it was all about the mood I was in while waiting for the bus this morning. The weather was really quite lovely, although of course over the day it switched to rain, and I did a little bit of journal writing. Ah, paper. Even turned my hand at a couple of (impressively awkward!) haiku.

A couple of awkward/uneasy moments during the day, but I’m focusing on feeling the emotion and then letting it flow out of me. No idea how this is going to work over the long run, but today it felt just about right.

That, and trying to better communicate exactly where I am, working on finding the “flow” moment.

I had a lovely moment solving a tiny code problem, coming up with an impressively more elegant solution to something I’d been tackling rather clumsily, which brings to mind Shelley’s recent ode to her love of coding. That feeling carried all the way through the afternoon, which is my mental & emotional ebb time. A four-o’clock snack didn’t hurt either.

Still feel as though I’m skimming the surface in order to get by, rather than living as I would truly deeply want. But at least I’m skimming instead of drowning.

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  1. It is wonderful to see that we have another true geek in the neighborhood! Between Brian and you I should be covered! You will have to come over and visit the Inn some time soon, perhaps to show of fyour mock-ups for the neighborhood site.

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