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Archives for August 2005

hints of fall

in which the author considers the changing of seasons, with more hopefulness than usual. hopefulness, in fact, seems to be the watchword of the week.

more consolidation and clarification

the author considers her encumberments in meatspace and trims down, determining once again what’s really important, at least right now.

usability grumble

game sites don’t really need to be “cool,” honest.

things I have lost

the author ponders a lost document, and with it, a lost career direction


site update: what’s important here?

learning how to learn: not just for librarians!

in which the author reflects on her own work experience, and years worth of learning by doing. that reflection even leads to a more positive view of the previous evening.


the author admits her defeat by the forces of old computers.

not too bad, for a sunday

the author recaps a day that went better than anticipated, and looks into the week ahead.