Tonight I got spanked by technology. We were having a FG install-a-thon, during our usual tech group meeting time, and everybody else got their box working…. But I went through four computers and didn’t get a single one set up. Power failures, two bum CD drives (I think). And almost every time, before I even got to the point of failure, I fought like hell to get the damn drives in, and in one case, a stick of RAM as well.

So I just bailed, called C, and went home. (Although I did take the time to at least put all the computers back together.)

Now I’m trying not to let it color my whole self-perception, trying to avoid feeling like a failure in general. And I was really looking forward to it, to being a geek chick; instead I felt like a dumb newbie. When I got home, I discovered a long scratch on my thumb, too. ::sigh::