not too bad, for a sunday

oh, happiness.

today turned out much better than I would’ve possibly imagined, honestly.

we helped a friend and her little girl get someplace this morning, and then all went to Fred Meyer’s together. that was cool, not too stressful.

Rode down to FGOly on my own, early, for a little geek time. That was fun too, getting deep into trying to get the PCI tester box running with another volunteer. Not that we did or anything, but I felt reasonably competent in my problemsolving, if a little flighty in my order of play trying to do things. (it was satisfying, in a way, to be able to say, “of course, duh” when someone (a guy, obviously) asked if we’d set the right boot order in the BIOS.

So, okay, nerds in the peanut gallery: we have this older model Dell with a wiped hard drive, and it recognizes the CD drive as existing, but consistantly refuses to acknowledge that there’s an operating system on the boot disk in the drive, either a Debian CD or the Windows 98 it came with. We tried:

* checking the jumpers on the drive, which were set wrong, but setting them correctly didn’t seem to help
* switching drives
* switching the IDE cable and port

Is it even possible that it would be a really old BIOS problem, or should we just consider it scrap/parts and move on?


That was all before the meeting, which was what I’d been nervous about. But it went exceptionally well. I felt like we’d talked about all the important stuff, and come to a few decisions, and agreed on a few things. There was a moment of intense tension, a couple of them really, but it skated through pretty well anyway. I have hope.

C & I dropped by the friend’s house again to arrange more transportation stuff, but it turned out that someone had been able to fix her car, which is fabulous. Not that one doesn’t like being helpful, but sometimes it’s a relief not to have to be.

The ride up the hill kicks my ass every single time I do it, but I always feel good about it afterwards, esp. if there’s a shower involved. I wish I could find a way to do that every damn day. Maybe I should’ve rented that locker at the transit center, or maybe I should contact the bus people about it even now, see if my bike will fit.

C went out with some friends, so I called G…and that just put the day entirely over the top. I miss him so much sometimes, because he’s a pal and confidant different from anybody else I know. sometimes talking to him I feel totally in sync. thank goodness for free minutes on the weekend.

And I made broiled chicken, and was totally decadent by just having chicken and hard cider for dinner, because I didn’t feel like bothering with potatoes or veggies or anything.

It’s going to be a full week, I can feel it. I want to jump into house planning stuff again, with both feet this time, and work is going to be busy (1 day in Puyallup), and there’s the geeks still….

But I feel hopeful, positive; if I can just hold the nagging voices of despair at bay. (maybe the meds are just kicking in again…that’d be nice.)