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site update: what's important here?

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I’m officially turning off the snapping links blog, and I’m not going to worry about how often I’m updating my photo gallery. (current answer: not often.)

The important pieces of the site, to me, are this blog and the media diet listings. The blog is self-evident, I suppose, as my ongoing ramble about the world. Media diet, OTOH, has been updated only erratically, but I realized yesterday (reading _Dark Hero of the Information Age_ on the bus) that I want to spend more time exploring what I’m gleaning/learning from my quasi-random reading habits. I’m starting to think about how I might make explicit the connections I’m seeing between the things I read, and to see gaps where I want to increase my understanding. (It occured to me that I need to find a good biography of John von Neumann.)

That, and I still want to use it as an example of programming for myself, try out object-oriented PHP and AJAX. (mmm, buzzwords….)

So. Not that you care, really, but I thought I should get it in writing. 🙂

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