hints of fall

Yesterday we got rain, not just a few drops, but off and on most of the day. It felt good; we haven’t really had any rain this August. The corn and tomatoes definitely perked up.

But it feels like the verge of fall. The air has a different weight to it, and the days are definitely shorter. I started to notice the shortening of days back at the beginning of August, but now it’s in full force.

A week ago, it would’ve given me a sense of dread and panic, the thought of the summer coming to an end. Today, I feel at peace, and almost anticipation.

Yesterday was a very good day. We put subfloor down in the back bedroom, and it went so smoothly, moving the stuff in that room, fitting the sheets of OSB, taking them out again, putting down the moisture barrier, putting back in the OSB and screwing it down. It felt like we were working as a team…which has not always been the case in this process. And before that, we had a lovely breakfast (we had good meals all day, really), C finished some computer work — without too much craziness, and I gave him very zen advice in the process which he actually took — and it was just a friendly pleasant day.

Which makes me feel like it was a good idea to take a vacation this time, and that I’ll get the right balance of work and relaxation.

Also, over the weekend I made my own sun-dried tomatoes, in the oven, and I’m going to be doing more, as the Roma tomatoes are just going nuts. Made me feel all homebody-ish. 🙂

Today we will do the subfloor in the hall, maybe something else, but even if not I’ll be pleased. Tomorrow I’m going with Tim to pick up the carpet tile while C spends the day with his dad. I’m not really thinking much farther than that, although I have a vague sense of what else is on tap.