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# I read all the Anne Rice books between Interview and Violin (which I didn’t finish).
# I almost went there, 8 1/2 years ago, when I almost went to Texas. or at least HA & I talked about driving out.
# I recently read a book called _The Impact of Inequality_ and noticed that Louisiana/New Orleans are both the most unequal and the least healthy, lowest social capital, etc., etc.

Otherwise, I’m just the same Google News refreshing-fool as anybody else.

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  1. I never went there. I never had too much desire to go, and talking to a friend today I realized why. I am a claustriphobe, and the idea of being in a place that is below sea level is just too creepy for me.

  2. You know, there’s a book I like set there, Madeleine’s Ghost by, I think, Robert Girardi (I preferred his other book, the Pirate’s Daughter), but it quite cemented my lack of interest in visiting New Orleans. Now I am learning a lot about geography, via a friend who is fascinated by weather (like me, only knowledgeable).

  3. I’ll have to check that out, wolfa. I did always want to go, although I don’t think I realized the whole below-sea-level thing.

    I still feel like I have stuff to say, but I can’t quite formulate it into words.

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