seeking to continue the forward motion

tomorrow I go back to work. ::sigh:: honestly, I don’t want to stop hanging out at home.

we didn’t get as much done as we might’ve, but it was more than we got done last time, and I’m relatively positive about the forward progress. moreover, I’m feeling more orderly and creative. a normal home seems almost within reach, and I can envision new projects and new ideas.

I know it’s going to be a struggle to keep up that energy once I go back to the usual grind. experience says as much.

so I gave myself an artificial boost/deadline, which is something that always helps me get things done.

my birthday is next Saturday, and C and I were talking about what I might want to do. we started talking about house things we could get done, and I said I would love to get the house painted.

so I invited over some local friends for a house-painting party, because that’s really all I want for my birthday. because the house really needs to be painted before it starts raining again — which will be soon enough — and this pokes me/us to do all the prep work this week. (yipes.) hopefully people will be willing to help, although I’ll admit it’s not much for a party, even with pizza & cake. (Edith has already RSVP’d, but then again, she has a sprained ankle. hrm.)

I don’t think any of the folk who read this thing are local enough to join, but if you are, or just feel like a random trip to WA, you are welcome…leave a comment and I’ll send you the vitals.

maybe, maybe, maybe, by the time September is over, by C’s birthday, we’ll have this place back to being a real house. there’ll still be plenty to do, but maybe we won’t be driving each other quite so crazy.

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  1. Yep. Pretty darn safe.

    Only problem with these internet friends…they really aren’t too useful for helping around the house!

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