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Out of the box layout

what I’m hoping to get out of this: gotchas I may not have considered in building the theme, things I might want to share with Justin & Naomi. [full disclosure: not 100% listening, because I’m trying to get my screenshots together.] Fieldgroup is in fact the bomb. (he’s using “div” in order to have something […]

CRM integration

what I’m hoping to get out of this: what are some possibilities for integrating? What should I be looking for? make it easy for editors to build pages/forms and connect them to the campaigns in the CRM avoiding tightly coupled systems at the one end, just link to the forms built in the CRM, and […]

How to audit Drupal sites

what I’m hoping to get out of this: what are some cool tools for making sure I’m not messing it up? “views cache bully”? site audit – drush. can produce html reports. doesn’t check usability & UX (obvs!) or design (including accessibility) or the actual content. the HTML output is pretty sweet, TBH…but it does […]

external data

since I saw Dave going in to the titanium/mobile app session, I thought I’d check out this. “world adult kickball association”? and that’s the site he works on. kickball.com, 60k visitors/day. going to be high level. [would like the front lights to be low so I can actually see his slides] – not going to […]

Style tiles with drupal

all the code is at github.com/abelb/drupal_styletiles/ (works with education clients!) funnymonkey, does distros for education. interior designer mood boards…all the way to pinterest. styletil.es need to ask Susan if she wants me or Justin to do this for OARS. adjectives technique didn’t work with stakeholders on one of her projects. Foundation – a frame work […]

Drupal in higher ed, a modular approach

I have plots & daydreams…. This room is about packed. Huh. Sort of a vendor presentation from ImageX Media, their major emphasis is higher ed. OpenEDU – not a ready-to-go product. (OpenScholar? OpenAcademy?) its features can be added on to other distributions, or can be used as a framework. (Portland State is their flagship client, […]

Responsive Web Design

Yep, back to this again. Conference blogging! Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, this time, which long-time readers will know that I have been to this event several times…technically every time. It’s back in Seattle again, which is nice because it’s technically commute-able from my house, although a loooong commute. Last night I actually came up early […]