Build awesome search pages with Solr

what I’m hoping to get out of this: some understand of what Solr is, how it works, and/or what we might get out of using it over Google Site Search







Search API vs actual Solr module: more flexible? Also has more options? I’m a little confused TBh.

[slide about installing Solr — his handwaving feels a lot like mine for tomorrow’s presentation.]

There’s also a bunch of hosted Solr options, if I want to try stuff out.

Can include/exclude specific fields from being indexed. (“Compound fields”, which includes the body field! are available through an extra expando-box.)

(I’m glad he said this was a run-through. It feels really rough. But watching this, I’m wondering if I should move away from the screenshot method vs actually running a live demo, because it is a lot easier to understand this way.)

Interesting gotcha of having to make sure to index the full content. If you’ve got it set to index as items are edited/created, then it isn’t being indexed with cron.

Interesting stuff in the Search database advanced config, as far as highlighting, etc.

Sounds like the layout is adjusted through Panels vs Views? (I try to avoid Panels, because of previous bad experiences, but in some instances it’s ok: I’m already doing that to override the My Workbench default.)

Honestly: are facets really useful for most people most of the time?

Primary performance savings is on the indexing (which is important) vs the display.

But the sorting of results (by pub date or something else) using Views is sort of intriguing.

Aaaaaaannnnnnd then his computer crashed.

“Aggregated fields” — can use to combine fields into a single indexed *thing* — “like field collections”

This session really feels unfinished. (Like, I actually feel really prepared compared to this!)

Can bundle into Features, but then add an override (there’s a module, search api solr override?)

One place where faceted search might be useful: pages vs directories.

Potentially useful blog post on troubleshooting.