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Out of the box layout

what I’m hoping to get out of this: gotchas I may not have considered in building the theme, things I might want to share with Justin & Naomi. [full disclosure: not 100% listening, because I’m trying to get my screenshots together.] Fieldgroup is in fact the bomb. (he’s using “div” in order to have something […]

CRM integration

what I’m hoping to get out of this: what are some possibilities for integrating? What should I be looking for? make it easy for editors to build pages/forms and connect them to the campaigns in the CRM avoiding tightly coupled systems at the one end, just link to the forms built in the CRM, and […]

How to audit Drupal sites

what I’m hoping to get out of this: what are some cool tools for making sure I’m not messing it up? “views cache bully”? site audit – drush. can produce html reports. doesn’t check usability & UX (obvs!) or design (including accessibility) or the actual content. the HTML output is pretty sweet, TBH…but it does […]

D&D & Drupal

list of urls, query path to scrape data, migrate for pathfinder! migrate & spotify marvel character database, star wars character api D8 has symphony’s DOM parser 3.5 SRD MySQL data dump Pathfinder has it as CSV. isotope module (for hiding & showing?) wacky dice stories.