Berkun keynote

we should all be poked at when we get into specialized language

“whoever uses the most jargon (probably) has the least confidence in their ideas”

precise language has value, but use the simplest language you can

“innovative” – used sloppily.

“narrative bias” – instinctively prefer simple satisfying stories even if they’re false

what happened before and after the “flash of insight”?

(this slide reminds me of the underpants gnomes)

where do good ideas die on your team?

talking about Star Trek — and I’m reminded that it was really based on Westerns (and that’s based on a myth of the Old West), so.

“we like to believe the best ideas win” (why I dislike when C sez “good design sells itself”)

“who’s a good scout on your team? are they doing scouting tasks?” (which we are here)

good stuff all around.