lightning talks

  1. M & Sh & student should watch the 1st one.
  2. oh interesting, theological school for UU. (2nd one) identify your MacGyver tools.
  3. “an email newsletter for students that they actually read” (cute logo) and it’s really nice looking (simple) short, funny blurbs. listicles! RESPONSIVE. (M should definitely check this out) doubled the click-through rate, didn’t see the usual drop off over the quarter.
  4. this bit on NYU Stern’s “street team” might be of interest to the admissions folks; they’re integrated with social media & other marketing, it looks like.
  5. this is about saying no, but what I’m finding interesting — and side-chatting about on twitter about — is the role of student workers in our work.
  6. card sorting: still the bomb.

(watch ’em online.)