CRUX of the matter

“content repository user experience”

their team is in IT

@esses moved from architecture to web

“we’re all drowning in content”

“improving communication in the middle layers”

building something that will be remodel-able

designed for sharing

phased approach to a shared content repository

they’re on Drupal

during the migration, they worked with editors to at least break existing content into chunks with subheaders and lists. getting the mindset of chunking into people’s heads. (I wonder if that’s an option for the “speed-dating” version)

overlap! allowing people to curate content from a “single source of truth”

started with event calendar & faculty directory (YO THIS IS US)

didn’t need every possible functionality up front, better to go with “minimal viable”

“aiming for gymnist (vs contortionist)” in using Drupal’s flexibility

web averse vs web comfy vs web savvy

I like this slide describing someone who is “web comfy”

before, their training focused on technical

teaches users how to do their

“writing & editing for the web” is part of their training curriculum for editors

now must complete 2-part training: part 1 is writing, editing, taxonomy, editorial strategy, content types; part 2 is technical training.

(totes wanna steal their curriculum)

interesting idea: training on Portfolio?

octopus vs candalabra: I think we’re going to have to split the difference, because of how the information is actually managed. (but I need to figure out WTAF is going on with entry in the staff directory)

need to talk to JM, also, about some of the in-theme author experience issues (tabs, draft pages)

be realistic about bumps in the road

options for personalizing links on audience landing pages, options for submitting events & announcements. as an early phase towards crowdsourcing content.

can filter in events on your page that belong to other groups. (how intriguing)

most of the “sites” that they’re talking about are academic department sites, which is mostly not relevant for us. (and for which I’m often grateful)

“things that are maybe less than optimal”