Cleaning up after a messy migration

“there’s too much to do it efficiently”

useful to see how the mess got that way, not to repeat past mistakes, but to remember that (most) people are trying to do their best with what they have.

migrate it all or nuke it & start over? (FWIW, usability testing is what gave us the whatever that the housing folks — our first really in-depth content session people — told US to “burn it all down and start over”)

[oh! talk to Susan about adding CMS access as part of employee leaving check-off]

“we had dead people in our CMS. who still owned content.”

policy for regular purging after a year. (oh, is that a thing I can do with Rules? removing Site Editor roles.)

[idea from talking about duplicate content — can I use that module that’s in the LC directory to alert to duplicate titles?]

I really need to do a test rollout as soon as I can get in an initial Migration.

good reminder to make sure it’s clear if something isn’t published (they’re coming from a similar setup where the CMS is very separate from the website, and people tried to email draft pages after the migration to Drupal.)

I feel like there’s maybe too much of the presentation about the terrible things they were going from, vs what I was hoping to learn about the post-migration cleanup. yes, yes, the old CMS was pretty awful.

“people’s behavior is shaped by their tools”

starting to wonder if there’s a way to do a speed-dating version of content worksessions. maybe a weekly open hours time at least for the next few months? what’s a good time for that sort of thing?

are there things that don’t actually belong on the website at all?

when they migrated, everything got moved over in a draft state. then after a year, if it hadn’t been touched, it was deleted: about 70% of all the pages!

communicating what the web IS for.

they wrote a manifesto. what would OUR manifesto be, based on our core values?

you don’t “win” by having the most pages 🙂

[thinking about having a section of things I would like to in the future with our content work sessions: the speed-dating version, the regular review]

minimum viable content – a lot like our “is it better than what we have now?” thing.

[got derailed for a bit looking at something about the committees site]

chart of mini-projects: looking for “click here”, regularizing pronouns, reviewing duplicate page titles (great for students!)

huh, they went directly to Drupal 8?

need to schedule another user group meeting!