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How to audit Drupal sites

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what I’m hoping to get out of this: what are some cool tools for making sure I’m not messing it up?

“views cache bully”?

site audit – drush. can produce html reports.

doesn’t check usability & UX (obvs!) or design (including accessibility) or the actual content.

the HTML output is pretty sweet, TBH…but it does require shell access, so that’s maybe an issue?

module: unused_modules – things that can be safely deleted.

module: security_review

cacheaudit has some overlap with site audit, but does some slightly different ways of looking at what is and isn’t cached.

[slides with a bunch of generic PHP cleanup/audit tools, maybe send to Dave/Jamie?]

GitStats (does Gitlab integrate some sort of statistical analysis?)

ESLint is in D8, FWIW.

webpagetest.org — that’s the one Justin uses, yes?

Nice slide on the structure of an audit report.

pareview.sh is for reviewing custom modules? if you want to post them to d.org.

nice audience recommendation of wave.webaim.org

there’s a version of site_audit available already for D8.

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