CRM integration

what I’m hoping to get out of this: what are some possibilities for integrating? What should I be looking for?

make it easy for editors to build pages/forms and connect them to the campaigns in the CRM

avoiding tightly coupled systems

at the one end, just link to the forms built in the CRM, and at the other, actually building a CRM in Drupal

finding the habitable zone.

using “Users” to manage sessions, without actually giving them a login?! the hell.

entity registration (module)

fields to represent CRM integration

form block (module) to put user registration on lots of different content

a kind of “guest” user with a long session lifetime

I’m not sure if any of THIS is appropriate to our uses, but its intriguing.

drop-down field for “lead source” and then details, including a campaign ID. (the lead sources sync, but could be just as simple to give editors access to Taxonomy)

when the form is filled out, it also sends a POST to create them in the CRM. (so the important thing to know is how to do the POST. From there: cake?)

“the end user watching the video would never see [the CRM’s] interface” (HELL YES)

Form API post-submit handler (could probably also do this in webform interface?)

There’s a whole thing of a sorta-blank form with a button? I’m not 100% that I get it, but ok.

[long discussion of de-duping]

be careful of the cache_form table if using their system, could get out of control?

they use hidden fields to send that stuff in the form, rather than doing it all server-side with the post-submit handler, etc. (stuff I wouldn’t even know what to do)

they’ve also thought about creating a queue and doing batch, but the downtime just wasn’t enough to justify the work. have a logging system in case of a failure.

[lost track for a sec, I think something about analytics tracking urls?]

context form alteration seems intriguing. (there’s other modules mentioned in a slide)

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