what I’m looking for: I’m not really sure TBH.

forming/storming/norming/performing — this actually clicks with the confab presentation — and I think we can add that awareness to our work sessions! Because we want them to conform to our process, but we also have to feel out their anxieties and interests.

and I want to grab this stat about verbal vs vocal vs body language for my presentation as well, for that section on active listening.

“common frame of reference” — that’s why we added the intro/kick-off, and that’s what a lot of the question-asking is about, building a frame of reference. and that’s why the questions should be as low-level as possible, because you’re trying to understand their frame of reference, and listening to find out the underlying issues.

“what’s the gap?”

retrospective — that’s the word I was looking for yesterday! (we should totally do more of those.)

“don’t argue about the experience” — “you shouldn’t be mad” — can’t talk people out of that feeling.

interesting note from audience from book “how to talk to your children so they will listen …” – don’t tell people they don’t feel a thing. (I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT THIS.)

the 6 basic feelings: happy, sad, mad, afraid, ashamed, confused (also: surprise? disgust? words & pics don’t quite match.)

YUP, I definitely want to bring in some of the therapy tools to my confab talk.