PNW Drupal Summit: The Drupal Development Pipeline

what I’m hoping to get out of this: specific tips that will help us in getting to a really great live site.

curious idea of using codepen for demoing components to clients.

“you could have up to 200 developers [later: ‘guys’ :\ ] working on a D8 site w/out stepping on each other’s toes” (I don’t understand why, tho.)

discussion of tags, header hierarchy: but without discussion the editor experience? how odd. (most of our issues with poor use of headers come from things editors do.)

estimating: 130%


this “developer tools” slide is a venn diagram overlap with my presentation tomorrow.

Semantic Versioning

modules to look at

  • “smart trim”
  • “stage file proxy”
  • nodequeue (“curated list of content”)
  • metatag
  • redirect 403 to user login (does this work at all with CAS? what would the alternative be?)
  • something about Entity Custom Modes (or whatever that’s called) — and improved caching when creating views with custom mode view something something. [would this help with the Workbench Access every page views?]

Drupal Coding Standard? [does this matter at all for us]

custom environment module for stopping yourself from accidentally emailing all the people or whatevs on the dev site. (Dave does something like this, I think?)

use AdvAgg on production sites

I kinda hate the term “post-mortem”, but I think something like that would be a good idea.