Style tiles with drupal

all the code is at (works with education clients!)

funnymonkey, does distros for education.

interior designer mood boards…all the way to pinterest.

need to ask Susan if she wants me or Justin to do this for OARS.

adjectives technique didn’t work with stakeholders on one of her projects.

Foundation – a frame work – SASS.

Again: SASS or LESS?

grids, with modular scale typography. also responsive layout stuff. she likes it for prototyping. there’s a theme that uses foundation. Twitter Bootstrap : Less :: Zurb Foundation : SASS?

style guide module. ORLY.

First email on Monday: Amy G, Erik, Justin, Dave: SASS or Less? Pros and cons? Any dependencies? WP templates or Drupal themes?

She likes the D7 Zen theme.

Oh, that grid class system is actually easy to read and understand, ie “five columns offset-by-two” — I’m impressed.

[What frameworks, if any, use em-based grids?]

she’s using sublime text 2. (how do these tools work for coda 2?) oh, the color declarations in the scss show with the actual color in the background. nice touch. damn, I need to get better w/keyboard shortcuts in coda & oxygen.

I wonder if it would be possible to describe our existing site as a style tile setup. (Clunky as it is.) And then in theory we could gradually change them. Same deal with my.e.e.

She’s just awesome…kinda fun to watch her work through ideas & opinions as she talks.

I would really like to find some decent developer tools for this tablet. Never did find a code editor that I really really liked.

typecast app for doing typography in the browser. send to Justin ASAP.

“I tried to thank the guy on Twitter, but he doesn’t tweet at all.”

sassy buttons – — cute! for turning photoshop layer styles to css3. daaaamn. ($30)

question about mixins degrading gracefully? pretty standard? sounds like it does all the combos to get as close as possible.

Sass vs. LESS