Autumnal Mitts

I made these as an auction or door prize item for a scholarship fundraiser employee lunch at The Evergreen State College. 😀

At this gauge it’s a bit large/wide for my hands, but would fit most, I think.

Minor modifications:

  • Only two repeats before starting thumb gusset (seems to make it look more unisex) and one repeat after finishing the thumb gusset.
  • At the end of the gusset increases, knit row 8 in pattern and through the gusset. Then knit row 1 in pattern, m1L before the marker, transfer the thumb stitches to waste yarn, m1R after the thumb stitches.

I’d used a smidge of the yarn for another project; with what I had left, it was exactly enough yarn. Probably not enough if I’d done all the repeats in the pattern. Maybe with a full skein? But hard to say for sure.