Pioneer Gloves for Elizabeth

January 17, 2023

14 rows after the thumb

January 19, 2023

8 rows of thumb including the picked-up stitches row

February 8, 2023

She got them and they fit!

Ebb & Flow

Gentleman Pirate for C1
Kraken for C2

January 27, 2023

I must have missed one row of stockinette somewhere in the body (possibly the last row) – because the border was 4 rows short of pattern.

Note: I started the border in late September, I believe, and it required intense concentration to knit!


November 10, 2022

Initially cast on smallest size with #2 needles but foot was still too wide; trying again with medium (64st) with #1 needles to match my usual sock size


December 18, 2022

8 rows ribbing

December 20, 2022

16 rows for the heel flap, including the setup row (shifts the pattern by 3 st)

pick up 9 st on each side of the heel flap

December 30, 2022

ended foot after round 1? round 2?

January 9, 2023

Sort of wish I’d made them one repeat taller on the ankles, but otherwise they look good

Iggy Peck Cowl (modified)

December 15, 2022

I had done all the way to the end with the top half as in the pattern, using a bright blue/dark grey combo in the Novita, but the floats were too tight and I didn’t like the color combination. ripped all the way back to the midpoint (note, also switched up the center stripe, which had been in a cream/grey) and redid the top mirror the bottom (aka worked the chart upside down). much happier with this version!

Kakano Hat

November 17, 2022

washing/blocking this hat made a HUGE difference!

also, it’s been a bit now, but there was something odd in the decreases IIRC, although it’s not noticeable.