Kakano Hat

November 17, 2022

washing/blocking this hat made a HUGE difference!

also, it’s been a bit now, but there was something odd in the decreases IIRC, although it’s not noticeable.

Checked and Square Socks, Toe Up

March 28, 2022

used long toe

started heel turn at last row of repeat 10, about 5.5in

increase on rows 1 and 3 of pattern

April 2, 2022

Ended up hating that heel (dnf) and ripping it out in favor of the fish kiss heel

Started heel on the 2nd half of the last row of the 15th repeat

May 5, 2022

Finished 1st sock with 11 rows ribbing

September 17, 2022

Cast on 2nd sock


October 14, 2022

I loved the way it knit up but the collar just falls way too wide, I can’t actually wear it like this 🙁