Using magic loop.

12/26 started tail
12/27 tail complete
1/3 did the comb (in chunky on #7 needle), still not sure how to do face
1/4 face with a bit of sock yarn. very pleased with how it turned out!


knitting complete, still needs to be blocked. almost ran out of yarn!

1/5 – blocked, definitely shows off the lace better!

Xmas Scarf #2

I tried several other patterns before this, including some improv, but really would’ve needed bigger needles.

But this works out really nice, and definitely shows off the colors of the yarn!

Xmas Scarf #1

Didn’t have 10.5s, so cast on with 10.

Knits up fast & lovely. Although I did switch directions a couple of times early on by accident.

mostly finished about a week before, took time off to work on Ashley’s scarf.

Yarnaggedon Socks

July 3 – re-cast-on!

July 8 – seems to be getting tidier, have gotten cuffs finished & am working main pattern.

August 13 – turned the heel weekend before last. Since then, 6hr drive + 4hr presentation have gotten me pretty far along with the feet.

Tubular Goth Scarf

Got inspired by stitch in “Stitch ‘N Bitch Superstar Knitting”, hoping to have red stripe at one (?) end, grey on one side, black on the other.

4/17 – restarted after a long break. (2 mos?)

8/19 – re-restarted.

8/21 – swapped colors

Ended up doing black/grey stripes until the black ran out, then joined back in the last of the red. Had a bit of a weird spot (backwards?!) with the join, but it looked interesting enough that I left it in.