Stitch Surfer KAL

Tried casting on several times over the last week, finally got it right today!

Did some weird things in the toe section in the non-W&T transition, until I reread the diagram before the instructions and realized that I was supposed to be twisting the strands together.

3/28 – started the heel what turned out to be too soon. 🙁 will have to do some tearing back, hopefully not all the way back, since the foot so far is great.

Tore back &c over the first week of April, redid the heel on 4/4 and got into the leg!

4/16 – finished first sock!

4/22 – started second sock. Definitely easier the second time around.

5/5 – I probably could’ve make these a couple of inches longer, which would’ve been nice. Still very happy with them as is.