in the garden this week

I realized as I was puttering around in the side yard this weekend (between downpours) that I really ought to start keeping track of when things happen in the garden. So hopefully this will be a weekly thing.

Trimmed dead blooms from candytuft
Mowed paths through the garden
Lilac in full bloom (fading slightly)
Poplar trees leafing out
First California poppies
Bluebells in bloom
Tulips all gone
Enough mint that I picked some to use in beverages/simple syrup
Saw some “volunteer” (leftover from previous years?) potato starts

We had HOT weather at the start of the week. Maybe hit 90F, definitely a record. But by the weekend it was chilly, rain off & on. The heat really pushed the tulips all the way out, and probably forced the lilacs to fade out sooner than otherwise.