drupal to-do

Here’s a list, in order from my PNW Drupal Summit notes, of some things I’d like to do/learn/try:

answer 1 support request a day (in install support forum?).

make progress on one issue per day. (views or another module you know well) mark duplicate, answer support request, etc.

when you learn something new, document it as you go.

/contribute – places to jump in. but she prefers /community-initiatives. highlights things that are important.



try D7, possibly for the feedreader pet project

documentation patches, “novice” tag

look into D7 multigroup issues

themekey: re-read code of the alternate themes, also just try reinstalling at next update.

review ALL the tips in the server optimization notes.

try yslow

idea: create map/app of walking tour brochure. experiment with map of recreation facilities (see maps notes, also http://github.com/tylor/quickmaps)

create a personal/site issue queue: view ads ctr counting, quickrates loan issue, ecard

write blog post about drupal/enterprise and/or “year with drupal” (see JK keynote notes)

upgrade to webforms 3 [notes]; write bolt-on module to connect with campaign monitor. if ENA goes to Drupal use webform for membership signup.


try login_security

look at role_delegation for intranet?

“scrum” meetings in our department: what you did, what you will do, what’s blocking you – under 15 mins total meeting

features & context, for real this time.

web widget for rates?