webform 3

“now more abusable than ever!”

oh, he’s one of the using drupal co-authors. (get book signed? 🙂 )

pnwsummit coupon code thru next week. (might have to talk to matt abt that)

doesn’t use entities in D7 – database tables issue. nor fields (ie CCK)

trying to remember what my really weird webforms use-case was. chat survey?

was looking bleak about a year ago: more than 650 open issues, but all better now! scaled back the scope of webform 3. still lots of people on webform 2.

conditional fields! yay. “choose your own adventure”

save draft of form and resume later. (works for anon, but that disables caching for that user; interesting discussion of edge/use cases)

can multiple have webform-enabled content types

“basic” views support – eg, listing of submissions – but not yet listings of submitted data, patch has it working. (I think the latter is what I had trouble with, and had to write some custom php for.)

better data integrity, harder to break by end users. oh, like the problem with changing values of locations for holidays.

form builder integration did NOT happen, there’s a project – visual interface – too much work, but may include backwards (????)

lots of API stuff. include ability to create dynamic select lists.

was it webform that I wrote custom stuff for to talk to campaign monitor?

options moved to step 2, so as to not stuff everything into regular node form.

email config is in its own tab – who gets the email. includes template options for the actual email text. handy. template option not yet fully developed.

and then a separate tab for all those options.

(what about upgrading existing forms?)

CSV doesn’t support UTF-8? huh. nice: Excel format is just TSV with .xls extension. 🙂

separate receipt template for multiple recipients

mimemail module – can send html email & attachments. oh, so then webform can email attachments!

webform will automatically use date popup module if it’s turned on. lots of other modules that if you turn them on, more options automatically appear in webform.

page breaks. conditional logic. and conditional logic WITH page breaks. whee!

“select or other” module – that works too. (all this stuff is listed on the module page)

integration between pay module and webform – example of a donation form. very cool. way easier than doing something with ubercart.

ah, someone else who ran into “oh, hey, canada is a different country!” problem.