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I ::heart:: maps.

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affinity bridge

more open data! how to make maps beautiful. (neat)

dude is reading his f’ng slides. boo. tuning out a bit. this is the part I know: what is open data, why is it awesome. localized, yay! ah, cross-mention w/ckan & datadotgc.ca project. disadvantages: privacy concerns, cost. (random thought: he looks like the kid from Arrested Development, esp with the askew tie. [updated: he was in the big dinner gang on Sunday, sat across from me. Really nice guy.])

map in 10 minutes: drinking fountains data, csv file. create content type: location, add fields: lat/long. choosing just a text field for simplicity. wouldn’t want to do with a large database, tho. set up gmap, api, bigger size, autozoom. using node import to bring in csv file. create view. interesting: using gmap view w/out using location module. 7 minutes flat. snazzy. (oh, this is the one mentioned in this morning’s presentation)

in 2 minutes: with install profile!

storage: cck, geo module, location (can be heavy), geotaxonomy – adds fields to a taxonomy term: tag content with a city and then pull lat/long from elsewhere, openlayers wkt. (“well-known text”?)

display: google maps, openlayers. (have wanted to play with openlayers. I wonder if it would be usable w/out security issue on branches page)

overlays/markers: heatmaps for non-point data?

tilesets: google, bing, mapbox, open street map. or generate your own! holy mackerel. big list. quantum gis – widely used open source mapping tool. mapnik. cascadenik a bit like css for ??? – missed something here.

ah, got distracted.

sleepy. dammit.

now I want data to play with! data.gov to try thing? (start w/http://www.data.gov/raw/1517?) github.com/tylor/quickmaps

got distracted looking at data. 🙂

oh, hey: http://data.wa.gov/

geocode module for taking db of address and translating to lat/long.

shape files are input to quantum gis. hard to interact w/shape file polygons? not 100% sure I understood that. polygons are a heavy server load?

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