module maintaining

not that I’m anticipating doing that, but…it’s heyrocker. to thnk about: what of this can I translate to my knowledgebase search module?

don’t do what dofus does. 🙂

musing about what I might get involved with based on my own interests, skills & pain points.

– counting ctr for ads used in a view

ugh, just noticed a personal grar issue that I need to make better. (quick rates) how to unpublish? or only count off 3 for loan but 4 for deposit? or redo the whole goddamn thing. (also, wtf happened to the position 2 promo?)

as for the presentation, quite inspiring. (obvs from notes above) I might start by creating my own site issue queue. the little stuff that bugs me like CRAAAAZY, but that isn’t so big as to actually break anything. (ecard is definitely on that list. I did a lot of code-hacking, and I know there’s been a new release since then. and Christmas is coming….)