2006 in posts

January: “african or european swallow?” — which for quite a while drove lots of search traffic, and is also I think a pretty good description of biking in the fog.

February: “like a well-cooked piece of asparagus” — continuing the pop culture theme. 🙂 Biking continues, and gardening begins again. Plus yoga. (I need to find a class down here.)

March: all about the SXSW.

April: I blogged quite a bit about biking, but I’m linking to “too much to read” anyway. Because it seems the most internet-like thing that I wrote that month. Also, April was the beginning of the reconstituted Snapping Links category.

May: “vanblog“, or the anatomy of a mood crash. in a similar vein, see “mean and mopey” — although the whole month wasn’t like that.

June: “politely disagreeing with Joe Clark” — I just like that it starts with “unintentional irony warning.” Depression pushed back up against me hard in June, and this is a well-put start to it.  (At the end of the month: “item the first” was my admission that I needed to try medication again. It worked really well.)
July: “plugged back in” — I always enjoy Webvisions, and last year I paid my own way and went camping besides. The start of a really happy stretch of summer.

August: bookending the month; at the beginning, a poetry prompt, “poetry thursday: that song” — I would like to get back into the writing prompts. at the end, a bit of worrying with “back on the bike” as I looked towards fall and winter.

September: “not sleeping” — which is a reasonably good description of the “oh my god too busy” angst that comes over me on a fairly regular basis.

October: “Maddy is missing” — not really a post as such, but in all honesty the most intense thing that happened to me all year. As a counterpoint, I offer “good, take 2” which is one of the poems that came from Sunday Scribblings and/or Poetry Thursday.

November: “life on Venus” — the start of two very crazy months of weather, plus my first post from my phone/PDA.

December: as y’all know, I started a new job…and wrote about my “first week” — was damn nice. (it has continued so.)  Also, in a work-like mode, I wrote “my accessibility story“.

So that was 2006.  Alas, so far in 2007 I haven’t written anything of note; I’ve just been too busy!