not sleeping

got woken up by noisy cats around 3:30 this morning and never quite made it back to sleep, so here I am at 4:30, blogging because I got tired of tossing and turning.  too much stuff on the brain, too much stuff to do or deal with….

every freaking room in our house is in flux, being remodeled, etc.    as much as I’m happy for Aly & Rob, I’m also saying, “beware!” some of what needs to be finished is trivial, but subject to procrastinating (painting); some is more substantive, or involved outside contractors.  (in particular, water heater should be replaced soon, because I’d really like to take a hot bath this winter w/out heating any of the water on the stove.)

which leads the mind to the garden.  again, tasks range from the trivial (pick tomatoes) to the labor-intensive (move butterfly bush) to the monumental (replace back fence, do SOMETHING with the back yard).  at least it looks like this weekend will be nice weather to get those sorts of things done.  (70s, a little cloudy)

but we’ve got plans for D&D this weekend with friends on Saturday, so I need to plan carefully.  at least the game won’t be here, so I don’t have to think about setting up, food plans, etc. and I’m not DMing, so all I have to do is make sure my character is ready.  (any suggestions on a name for a cleric of a neutral good dragon god?)  and of course check to make sure C has all of his DM stuff when we leave on Saturday morning/midday.

today I really need to get everything I’m supposed to be doing for the neighborhood association newsletter, which means following up with advertisers (a task I took over starting this edition), writing a blurb about our cafepress site, and copying the info about the city’s anti-tree-topping project.  but if so, then I should also finish up the overdue work on fundraising for the welcome sign project, so I can give that stuff to the president.  plus my usual site maintenance, which I’m behind on.

and that reminds me of my freelance project (for one of the board members), which I’m not entirely sure if I finished or not.  which probably means not, so I need to check where I am with that.

which reminds me of other things I need to follow up on to either get started on new projects or to point people elsewhere.

and there’s a ton of little things I want to do to this blog so that it’s actually done.  like a proper Atom 1.0 feed, and a full-content feed, and the display of dates on comments, etc., etc.

the new version of media diet is floating out there, too; or if I can’t get back to that now, I should at least upload the old version, so I can get back to writing reviews, because I’ve been reading some pretty good books lately that I want to share.

my business site! I haven’t done anything with that! nor have I set up my jewelry site like I’ve been talking about for [mumble mumble] years.  but that also means putting together a lightbox so I can do real photographs.

and oh, shoot, I need to send somebody a disc of photos from like a month ago.  (that has its own tangent which has nothing to do with things I need to work on.)

and birthday cards for Heather and for C’s dad, and thank you cards to mom and Aunt Susie, and planning for C’s birthday.

which reminds me of my birthday, and the check I need to deposit, and what am I going to do with that: headphones or bike gear? ew, looking for bike pants, and that’s a hassle; I really need lights in the next week or I won’t be able to ride at all, rain or not.  rear fender: need to get that back on the bike, and maybe I should look for a new bike stand, because it’s such a hassle to mount my bike on the one we have now.

a whole other tangent, here, about whether I’ll be able to ride as much through the winter as I want to, and if I don’t, will I be able to keep myself mentally and physically fit.  need to make space in the front room for doing stretching, situps, etc., etc.

that brings my looping crazy brain all the way back to where I started.  (and I haven’t even written down any of the thoughts about work and stuff I need to do there.)

which is why I’m awake at 4:30 (5 now) am.