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african or european swallow?

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“brave brave concord, you shall not have died in vain”

dunno why I included that here, but it seems like the right thing.

today I rode my bike, and on the way home, as I came up to the one light on my route, 3 other women rode up behind me. they were tricked-out super bike-people style: rain covers on their helmets, reflective vests, even brighter headlights than mine.

we rode together as a pack through the whole second half of the trail, with me at the head. (!) I even managed to keep up on the Really Big Hill right there at the end, when I thought for sure they’d all just pass. then I turned off into my neighborhood, exhausted but also a little giddy.

all in the dusky fog. the fog never lifted in Puyallup (where I spent most of the day), not even for a minute, and it was quite nippy. I’ve been fascinated to discover this winter that 99-cent gloves do quite a lot to keep me warm overall.

y’know, I enjoy working out there. the bus ride (yes, I rode the bus) is very mellow and straightforward, and I enjoy working on my laptop out in the college center. it’s much like working at B&B, the same feeling of being alone, but in an overall environment of energy. and of course there is the vast expanse of windows.

today I also had an appointment with my doctor, in part to talk about the ongoing fussiness of my knee. yes, the same knee I hurt 13 months ago. it’s not like it’s awful, just achy when I try to sleep, plus it doesn’t really bear any weight. mostly, I just wanted to know if that was normal.

here’s the thing I like about my doctor: I described everything, and she asked “are you taking anything for it?” and I said “yes, grocery store brand aleve” with a bit of pause towards the end, and she replied “but you’d rather not have to take naproxin [sp?] sodium for the rest of your life?”


so I’m going back to the orthopedist, to have them fuss at it and, I don’t know, see if there’s something else going on.

on the positive side, the weird creaking sound I get in my knees? as long as it doesn’t hurt, it’s totally normal, given all the stupid little injuries (etc) that I’ve had.

Kermit wrote quite eloquently today on joy and repetitiveness (or something), and it rang a chord. (not sure if I’m one of those who writes exactly what he expects, but there it is. generally I only write in my LJ to complain in one way or another.)

what is that chord? a wanting to be well and truly alive.

as a clue to those who may be reading this and may *also* be superlative nerds….

“what is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?”

and that’s how long I’ve been futzing away at this entry. don’t have anything else to say, not really.

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4 Responses to “african or european swallow?”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Just on the whole bike light thing I did not know they made them any brighter then the one I got you.
    2. do you what one that is as bright as theirs or was it just a random comment about all the stuff they had that you wish you had?

  2. Elaine says:

    I think they were an entirely different style, and it’s no complaint about your gift, certainly! Nor even a wish for something different…just a sign of amazement, along with a vague sense of “amateurishness” (sorta kinda).

  3. Kermix says:

    I wasn’t taking your LJ into consideration, particularly since you have this journal as well, which has a different series of messages in it. Relax; you’re not remotely an offender.

    Also, I’m pretty sure it’s been a while since I’ve been called “eloquent” in the context of an entry where I’ve cursed quite so freely.

    I am thus appropriately flattered.

  4. Elaine says:

    You know me, I’m just over-sensitive!

    thoughtful + cursing = eloquent. 🙂