mean and mopey

last night I had one of the worst dreams I can ever remember.? (runners-up: dream in which I tried to fight with someone in a bar but couldn’t move, and dream in which I saw my dismembered corpse after being murdered.)? I don’t much want to get into the details, but I woke up shaking & sweating.

so today I’m pretty much out of it…like somebody hit me with the exhaustion stick.? little bursts of awake interrupting long slogs of not-quite-awake.? oh, and astoundingly irritable, too.
I’ve been having terrible dreams for most of the last couple of weeks, too. I spend enough hours in bed with my eyes closed, but don’t get enough rest.

must. remember. happy things.

I’ve got Friday off, so I’m going to try to get a same-day appointment with my therapist.
should I be thinking about going back on medication?? the thought makes me mopey, although I don’t know how much of that is just being mopey already.

the irritability worries me more than the sad/tiredness, because I just want to yell at everybody and anybody, and anything that doesn’t go my way just makes me out-of-bounds furious.

but I’m going back to yoga class (I missed a block because of SXSW/sick/lazy) starting on Thursday, and physical therapy went well yesterday, and I finally picked a new dentist, and, and, and…..

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  1. Hope you feel better! I have had a crappy last few days, too– I have been bursting into tears for no good reason. Kind of embarrassing at work o_O. Messing around with the meds is no fun…

  2. Try doing a 30 min work-out 30 to 45 mins before bed it will make you sleep really well.
    Also try lisening to soft and or clasical music as you are going to bed make really soft if you need to but they have found that music both as you go to sleep and in the early part of sleep helps people sleep better and deeper.
    As for the meds do what you gota to feel better.
    Hope this helps

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