poetry thursday: that song

It changes over
time, doesn’t it?

The song you thrilled
to, because it was her
song or our song
or just the song
that was everywhere

Gets displaced, replaced
by the next thing.

I found this album at the library.
I heard this band at a bar
a friend’s house
on the radio
and from there
over and over again.

I could write my list

(in part: Monkees = 1987; Cure = 1989; Indigo Girls = 1994; Cake = 1997)

and so could you and
you and you and you.

May I recommend
a moment of


while we all remember
songs gone by.

6 Replies to “poetry thursday: that song”

  1. This is one of the best I have read today! A very fine poem! In this moment of silence, I am remembering: Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos in the library, on a shared headphone…Joan Baez…Pete Seeger…(I could go on, but I won’t). Peace.

  2. I agree with Pepe, this is just wonderful. Great recommendation at the end, and I love including the list in parenthesis.

  3. This was a great poem, I myself struggled with how to tackle the many songs that were worthy of mention for vastly different reasons within my poem. In the end, I wasn’t nearly as creative as you were and simply left them out. I enjoyed the moment of silence, with the multitude of songs and, with them, forgotten memories floating to the surface.

  4. Thanks, guys! I was just talking about this very subject at home last night, so when I saw the prompt it kind of tumbled out. 🙂

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