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Archives for September 2005

wrestling with frustration

three points in favor of angst and panic, and a few points against. enough to keep on keeping on, one supposes.

notes for blogging presentation

also refer to “notes I did for detray’s class”:/ew/2004/10/27/on-weblogs/ what is a blog? * web site * easy to publish * organized by time core blogging concepts * the “post” * syndication * commenting * Google effects universe of blogs can be seen as overlapping circles * writing about personal lives (journals), for personal growth […]

writing prompt

My dream job…. is a craftsperson’s job. HTML wrangler, CSS wizard, PHP junkie. I don’t want to be the boss, but I want to have a boss who lets me participate in decision-making. I want to be known for skill and approachability. I want to telework most of the time, or have an office that […]

a poem

because I find I can only write about this elliptically….