birthday update

It occurred to me today that I never wrote about my birthday, which was a week ago yesterday.

There was no painting…

# a couple of people couldn’t come, and another had a sprained ankle
# we hadn’t picked a paint color
# and then it rained.

I had a nice day anyway. Nothing terribly exciting, but definitely pleasant: there was chocolate torte.

Now we are heading for fall, but it’s the nice part of fall. Cooler weather, which means more comfort in doing things outdoors and around the house. Beautiful weather for cycling, too. This morning I rode downtown to pick up some coffee and apples, which means just falling straight down the hill, not really all that much slower than traffic. And I cheated: took the bus home, so I’d still have energy to get other things done!

We are inching forward in our various projects. Very, very slowly…at least things are happening. The weather is beautiful, but it holds a latent threat. The weather is not getting better from here, and at a certain point we need to be able to just enjoy our home.

The stretch between birthdays (his is the 28th) is always somewhat significant, but especially so this year….

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