notes for blogging presentation

also refer to “notes I did for detray’s class”:/ew/2004/10/27/on-weblogs/

what is a blog?
* web site
* easy to publish
* organized by time

core blogging concepts
* the “post”
* syndication
* commenting
* Google effects

universe of blogs can be seen as overlapping circles
* writing about personal lives (journals), for personal growth or social interaction
* writing about professional lives, for professional purposes
* pro/am political punditry
* use of blogging tools for other kinds of content management

how they might affect our department
* students writing about their experiences
* same with faculty or employees — both in personal realm and in their professional fields (cf: interlectual, freakonomics)
* a way for us to get professional development on the cheap (design blogs, marketing blogs, and again, interlectual)
* a tool we are already using (examples!) and future use (far-out ideas?!)

our existing media outlets beginning to use weblogs. ( —

are there new outlets we could or should be reaching? ( — or individual bloggers of influence?!)

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  1. A good thing to add to this is were people who are not web “smart” can start a blog
    other then this it is good

  2. thanks! I think when I was doing this in person I included the ease of set-up in the whole “easy to publish” concept…but it’s good to have that stated explicitly.

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