I have a real floor!

You know how you live with something for a long time, and it’s kinda stressful, but you get used to it, and then something changes, and it just blows you away?

Last night I came home from work and opened my front door to a recarpeted living room, with no tool carts or stacks of building materials, with comfortable chairs arranged for both conversation and movie-watching.

I almost fainted. C spent all day yesterday moving stuff and laying carpet tiles, which explains why he wasn’t answering his phone. It’s not all the way done, but it looks so lovely, the rich colors and wacky pattern of the carpet, a new curtain in the front window.

And all the elements of the kitchen are in the kitchen (we did that together last weekend), so it’s starting to feel like a real house. I’d say again, but it’s more like for the first time. It’s full of light now, and I can be in the kitchen fussing over something and still participate in conversation.

This morning, while I was taking my shower, he said, “I did all that because I thought it would help you feel better.”

sigh. We’ve been through so much these last few years, with us and this house, and then he goes and says something like that. Perhaps this is what the upward slope feels like.

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  1. That is sooo sweet!

    We got a couple more rooms of our house in order over the summer, so I can relate to the relief one feels when what was a horrible mess of a work-in-progress all of a sudden starts to look finished. Congratulations!

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