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therapy 2.0

multiple stressors online, and then technology & mental health. analogy to rsi. interesting. wiki with resources. very quiet when asking the audience why they’re here. technology ebbing away ability to have solitude. ok, today was probably not the day for me to try to participate. “i can quit twitter anytime” so validated when there’s a […]

wasp annual mtg

just catching the tail end. swan talking abt internationalization. “web standards cafe” (although: arg! grammar error on slide!) educate ourselves on what actual issues are in other countries! featherstone being excited. (ran into him at bikehugger bbq in full on bike gear) I see molly getting rowdy over in the corner. back to the specific […]

bruce sterling rant

is bruce sterling wearing a white suit?! whoa, journalism. again. throws down big stack of books. “a lot of words in a row” “a parlous state [publishing]” “sorry for the state of editors & publishers” “web 2.0 concentration camp”?! thought he might hurl the books at random. I could actually stand to have something to […]

misc tidbits

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