therapy 2.0

multiple stressors online, and then technology & mental health.

analogy to rsi. interesting.

wiki with resources.

very quiet when asking the audience why they’re here.

technology ebbing away ability to have solitude.

ok, today was probably not the day for me to try to participate.

“i can quit twitter anytime”

so validated when there’s a new message, but also being overwhelmed by too many.

“will you just put that down” not actually talking at a meetup.

removing from the present moment vs. wanting the support network

a new type of suffering, or just something that looks different?

integrating into social systems.

bigger risk: data mining, esp in re health insurance.

how do we define mental health?

social media offering the sense of understanding, broader context. invokation of megan [???] & myspace story.

mental stability & facebook.

maintaining effective boundaries. richness of media allows continuation of conversations. holding the context of the topic. “that work for the person in question” becomes more acute as the boundaries become more visible.

responsibility we feel for things that are marketed as play, adding more pressure. “ignorance is bliss”?

control over the information pushed towards. someone not on twitter: “i can’t handle one more thing”

“not the end of the world if we don’t” do whatever.

tech allowing him to jump over roadblocks (re: ADD).


mental health: if it bothers you, it’s a problem.

“clinically significant distress”

starting consultancy: how to handle roadblocks, getting “wobbly” with bipolar. “consultancy-generated depression.” “is that an official name?” motivational, attentional, procrastinaton.

mental health defined/measured by productivity.

only woman in an office of 50 guys…”we don’t see you as a girl” — dealing with mixed expectations. influencing sense of well-being.

exhausted by mode-switching, sensory overload. you CAN’T keep up with everything. spend time doing stuff that’s NOT work stuff.

“just want to be me for 24 hours” (that’s why I’m here, partially. not gonna write abt it here, but I’m having some personal identity anxiety issues.)

“quien es mas macho” problem. (culture of overwork) how to set boundaries? focusing on the productivity goals rather than the methodology. “while I have you…” difference in personal IM vs business IM. office hours (in academia) creating understandable boundaries, talk to those people about the boundaries you need to set.

recorded affirmations, kindle, music streams. seeing distant family. “so much hating” getting comments and feedback as a writer. realizing that most people are kind.

support groups, task managers, meetups. introverts! exercise reminders.

hyperfocus, being able to handle interruptions on own time scale, and then being able to adopt a caring persona.

any new techniques for new technology?