web & feminism

The real title is hella long.

Heather Gold who I’ve always liked. palmolive theory of feminism: you’re soaking in it! explaining 1st wave, etc. to those who do not know. her descriptions crap me up. “not have to sue everybody to do stuff” (3rd wave)

co-founder of gender studies program at UT, betty flowers. discussion about suing and anger. cold anger?

I missed some injoke from a session last year.

what she learned abt web from feminism

the personal is…

everything’s connected

gossip make the world go around; entymology of gossip. people who attend the birth of something.

julia (???) works for WSJ, author of stealing myspace. soap opera of business. “as long as there’s money involved, the guys don’t realize they’re reading as the world turns” (I’ve had that sense of 24 as well.) in reporting on myspace, that the whole movement of myspace was about catering to girls. (like little kid girls) guys at a widget co paging thru 17, cosmo girl, trying to figure out what glitter would go over best. (glitter recently hit our intranet, which I find terribly baffling.) a real part of the economy? (how is this different from teen girl mags?) types of macho, programmers, suits.

danah boyd (who gets applause) — strong ties, weak ties and gendering, and social media doing both simultaneously. [missed a bunch of stuff here] places stagnate because they’re (the networks/sites) not good at managing boundaries.

what is the boundary between personal and public on the web? asked by betty

what is too personal to be public becomes smaller and smaller, is heather’s response.

can’t ask a teacher to engage in the classroom in the same way they engage in their personal lives (i think thats what she said)

don’t see a public space that’s genuine engagement AND disagreement.

culture of the american workplace: creative and passionate for one day, the rest of the time lock-down, control employees at all times. “a privilage to be able to live in public” thank you. not easy to be able to tune all your identities. exactly. I’m going through this angst about whether to unprotect my twitter feed, because of that lack of fine-tuning.

“please put everything that might be embarrassing” and audience member has very unique name.

audience member: twitter debate being labeled as “a catfight”

about half the audience want to spend at least part of their online time in a protected space. (exercise for later: how does that work in the context of zittrain’s arguments & the walled garden problem)

switching register. does that sound like lying when mashed together?

wow, this is actually making me kinda depressed.

unitary identity problem.

big long ramble, follwed by “do you know how to solve this problem”

metaphors of place

being ourselves doesn’t work if we’re not protected. it’s a chicken-egg thing, the act of being yourself, etc. “places where you can take the fight, and places where you can’t.” (I love danah.)

naked teacher controversy in Austin?!

(disruptions ho!)

tipping point is never coming, because our kids are already embarrassed that we’ve revealed their entire lives.

working class kids don’t have that angst, since they’re just in the low end service economy, nothing to protect.

betty says, i want to get to the guy. 🙂

counter-publics? michael warner (book, queer theory guy), mmm, big long philosophical ramble. heather falling over saying “hegemonic” and “normative” — universal public vs. niche public.

big word guy. white neo-liberal identies. “where I traveled; what I bought” Heather challenges that, at least the class aspects. danah talking about different webs. chinese, etc.

ok, brain is kinda falling apart, too tired, plusa little more philosophy than I can handle after lunch. want to go to bikehugger thing.

I am totally in love with danah, though; strong speaker, willing to disagree but thoughtfully.

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  1. I wrote about this session, too, and followed Shelley’s advice to follow to your post. Glad to see I wasn’t alone in being somewhat befuddled about what was going on at the session.

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