bruce sterling rant

is bruce sterling wearing a white suit?!

whoa, journalism. again. throws down big stack of books. “a lot of words in a row” “a parlous state [publishing]” “sorry for the state of editors & publishers”

“web 2.0 concentration camp”?!

thought he might hurl the books at random. I could actually stand to have something to read on the plane ride home. and it would be the 2nd time, since I read one of his books coming home in 2006. kinda weird & condescending?

“god knows they were told about it” “a creature out there with dry ice & a scythe” kindle book = plugin cassette for an atari 400. releasing love letters under creative commons?! wired looks like a “boy scout fanzine” with all the ads having vanished. who is the woman he’s talking about in the wired italia?

he mocks us in the back twittering etc “the people formerly known as the audience” (but doesn’t every audience only ever hear bits & pieces.) I think he’s bringing out some booze, in memory of ye olde parties. I think the year I went first was also the first year w/out a sterling house party. also, throwing food into the audience. eating potato chips at the podium. srsly? cops showed up & shut down the last party. the upshot is a loss. days of avalon not coming back.

“as they casually datamine all your tweets” oy. aaaand now I think he’s opening a bag of milanos. yes, that’s exactly what those are. my most favorite cookies, and also they remind me of somebody….

doing one of his evocations of a harsh dark future. cellphones & dense social networks as signifier of poverty?

the dooces just wandered in, paused, whispered at each other, then wandered back out.

terrible to say, since I loved the ’06 rant, but I’m not feeling this one.

“the argentine-ization of america” is what people should be scared of.

drinking while reading off lots of possible names for the possible freaky future staring us in the face.

misc writing of hp lovecraft: bigger than collected works, “community boosting” “pillar of moral strength” within his own community. “blogger ala letre” (sp?)

busting out….