wasp annual mtg

just catching the tail end. swan talking abt internationalization. “web standards cafe” (although: arg! grammar error on slide!) educate ourselves on what actual issues are in other countries!

featherstone being excited. (ran into him at bikehugger bbq in full on bike gear)

I see molly getting rowdy over in the corner.

back to the specific focused things that wasp did back in the day.

ie8 compatibility mode question, oy subtle differences.

ranty mcrant rant from dylan & molly re: netbook preloaded with ie6. gah. blah blah blah. I’m sorry, but this arguement bores me to pieces. like the sterling rant, I’m not entirely sure why I have that reaction.

kim blessing, whole industry around supporting ie6, us in this room can’t do a whole hell of a lot. (reminds me of tom yesterday talking about the “jerry mcguire moment”)

molly: the fact that ie6 exists means we have to continue to support. one friggin’ web.